When it’s 92 degrees out

I am a strong believer in all weather being 68 F and partially sunny, with a very light breeze. Yet, today Massachusetts has decided to deal us a 92 F day with bright sun and no air flow. This isn’t crazy for mid-June, but considering the spring was so cool, it took me by surprise!

I tried to take the opportunity, walking my two dogs in the sweltering ICK, to be mindful. I could trudge through the muggy day, feel the exhaustion mount, and collapse onto the couch upon returning inside. I usually would. Instead, I talked in my peppy-dog voice to my pups, waved to neighbors, and experienced the heat as the effect of the beautiful sun beaming down.

I felt the beads of sweat and realized it was my body’s visceral survival response, and the heat on my face was like a perfect day at the beach. I noted the heat rising off the street, like a mini science experiment, and I felt the randomized pulls from the two dogs and thought of their spirit and spunk.

Flower Image
Flowers by my door. Thank you photosynthesis!

So, instead of coming inside and collapsing onto the couch, I sat down and decided to write. I write to remember the moments that are hardest to grasp when emotions get in the way. I write because sometimes bad things feel better when you see them as concrete, and sometimes you don’t realize how good things are until you get them down on paper. I don’t think I realized how successfully mindful I was on that walk until I listed all I had felt, all I had noticed, all I had minded. But, don’t take my word for it. Take a walk!


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