Not surprising

Not surprising at all, but I haven’t looked at those goals even ONCE since posting them. It’s almost impressive, I would say, the lack of follow through. Still, I want to keep this going. Time might force it to stick.

Lately I have been experiencing such severe fatigue, and I think I should start listening to doctors and the Pinterest-world about the many things one can do for fatigue. When I really think about it, it relates to my goals.

When I’m tired, I’m not able to say “yes” to anything. By putting the effort into bettering my mental and physical health, I am working towards the ability to be spontaneous and enjoy life.

Fatigue is often related to health, so I’m looking forward to feeling the difference as I eat healthier, more “real” meals, and cut the coffee again. I cut it a few months ago for many weeks and felt more awake. Then, fatigue caught up with me and, instead of pushing through, I turned back to coffee. The process of giving up coffee isn’t easy, but last time I used caffeinated tea to help me make the transition.

I also need to drink more water. As someone who drinks maybe one glass of water a day, I want to become one of “those people” who carry a water bottle.

I still need to give the benefit of the doubt. While I can feel the realness of my fatigue, I need to also understand and respect the fact that it is inconvenient and unpleasant for those around me.

By finishing tasks, including getting healthy and keeping my home organized, I can really bring these goals into a possible reality.

None of these things will work if I do them once a week. Let’s all hope I can do this consistently and change my life style.


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