Progress or something

Today, though it’s only 3:30 PM and I might be jinxing myself, will hopefully be the first day in weeks that I didn’t nap. I started the day by going to the gym, followed by some coffee (which I’ve decided is a totally acceptable crutch), followed by various other plans. I’m yawning, but I haven’t totally shut down and I’m considering that a mega success.

I’m realizing that, while I tend to perseverate over the issues I’m having, stress about holding them in my brain, and fail to act on them, this is the opposite of what I should be doing. I need to take action: see doctors, go to the gym, read articles, etc. I don’t need to vent and stress and think and draw giant conclusions (i.e. I will never feel healthy).

I’ve been feeling very out of control lately. My mind is always taking the reigns and making me stress about things I can’t control, or things I can control but spend more time thinking about than acting on. My body has so many small health issues that seem to just drain me. My life has so much change, not all positive, and so much I can’t seem to catch up on.

How do you deal with that feeling when you can’t even sort your thoughts?


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